Paul Frazee

I work on a peer-to-peer browser called Beaker. I live in Austin TX and work at a company called Blue Link Labs. We run a public-peer service called Hashbase.

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Computing Trust

Can We Trust Trust?


When we say we trust someone or that someone is trustworthy, we implicitly mean that the probability that he will perform an action that is beneficial or at least not detrimental to us is high enough for us to consider engaging in some form of cooperation with him.

Temporal Factors to evaluate trustworthiness of virtual identities

analysis, model design

We hypothesise that temporal factors like degree of activity, presence, regularity and frequency of interactions can be meaningful used in a trust computation. Since in these environments it is easy to create, change and delete identities, the fact that a virtual identity shows temporal stability and continuous activity appears an interesting property.

B-trust: Bayesian Trust Framework for Pervasive Computing

analysis, model design

Significant commercial benefits are predicted from the deployment of new services that pervasive computing will enable. These benefits are, however, theoretical in the absence of appropriate security.

Ratings in Distributed Systems: A Bayesian Approach

analysis, model design

Reputation is the perception that an agent creates through past actions about its intentions and norms. We argue that the failure of existing rating systems is partially due to the lack of personalization and contextualization in these systems.

Trust-Based Security in Pervasive Computing Environments

access control, system design

Centaurus uses a distributed model in which hierarchically arranged security agents manage security and trust. It views delegation as a right itself.

Distributed Trust

access controls, system design

There are a number of fundamental reasons that ACLs are inadequate for distributed-system security. Delegation is necessary for scalability of a distributed system. It enables decentralization of administrative tasks.




Creating a peer-to-peer Web: